Supporting women in crisis

We are honoured to work in partnership with women-led Global Feminist organisations working on the frontline in their communities. Together we empower women and girls and provide sanctuary and vital support when they are in crisis. We have a shared mission to provide economic empowerment and to end violence for women & girls. Our holistic approach includes allyship, lending our voice and our sisterhood, funding, amplifying the voices of women, advocating for their rights and creating spaces which foster collaboration and celebrate the collective power of women.


As the Taliban took over in Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, devastating reports showed women being sent home from their jobs, forced to leave university and education at gunpoint. Overnight we set up an emergency appeal and members and supporters donated over £20,000 in just two weeks.

In partnership with organisations such as Women for Afghan Women the funds and support helped many women flee the country, helped provide safe houses for women under threat, and helped settle refugees in new countries.

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When the biggest global health emergency in our lifetime hit, Circle members and supporters came together to respond to the growing crisis for women and girls across the world. We gathered, raised funds, spread the word and we were able to support over 5,000 women and girls in the UK and global south in 2020, through our COVID-19 Women & Girls Solidarity Fund. Together we raised £120,000 which provided emergency support to garment workers facing poverty in Bangladesh, women in lockdown with abusive partners in Glasgow, young girls at risk of sex trafficking and abuse in Uganda, and more.

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603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not considered a crime.


Since 2008, The Circle has worked with grassroots organisations to support women and girls worldwide. Gender discrimination can affect any aspect of a woman’s life, which is why we have worked on a broad range of issues: education, economic and political empowerment, services to women and girls affected by HIV/AIDS, and more. Here are a few of them.

Maternal Health Rights

The Lawyers Circle assisted the Tanzanian government in ratifying international conventions on maternal health rights and introducing these conventions into the national institutions and legal system by co-ordinating the provision of over £150,000 of legal advice, analysis, negotiation and coordination, plus providing accessible materials explaining maternal health rights to Tanzanian citizens.

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The Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis

Funding to The Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis brought vital help to women and girls experiencing rape, sexual assault and/or sexual violence with free and confidential advice and counselling. During the pandemic our funding enabled them to set up their first text support service to give women in lockdown urgent help.

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Supporting Girls in Uganda

With our partner project, Irise we supported over 2,000 girls at risk of falling out of school in Uganda with a menstrual hygiene education toolkit. During the pandemic our support pivoted to ensure young girls could continue in education and access emergency support.

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Fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic

In South Africa, due to widespread sexual abuse, women are especially prevalence of the HIV virus among women is nearly twice as high as men. In partnership with Oxfam we brought funds to provide health services for women living with HIV/AIDS and raised awareness about how violence against women has devastating consequences.

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Supporting survivors of human trafficking 

With funding from The Circle, ACT Alberta supported victims of trafficking through their Support Services and Victim Assistance Fund. Their case workers provided support, information and referral services to help victims and their families.

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Planting Hope in Sri Lanka 

This powerful project empowered women to improve their income and to tackle gender inequalities. It provided equipment and training to help women take control of their business enterprises, for example turning their surplus rice crop into flour, rice cakes and noodles to sell at local markets.

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