Root of Generations

We are proud to work in partnership with Root of Generations, an organisation in South Sudan which supports women and girls to access education, healthcare, economic security and protection against violence.

Over a decade on from gaining independence and a ruinous civil war which then followed, South Sudan is still impacted by instability, volatility and economic hardship.  

Poverty is a pervading issue, and the majority of women are affected by vulnerable employment, with over 95% experiencing inadequate earnings, poor working conditions, and infringements on fundamental rights. Additionally, over a quarter of women and girls aged 15 to 49 report that they had been subject to physical and/or sexual violence by a partner. 

Founded with the philosophy that women’s contributions are vital to South Sudan’s national development, Root of Generations is a women–led, youth-centred grassroots organisation striving to create a world where women and girls are protected, cared for and able to realise their full potential.  

By empowering women through civic education and working to end gender-based violence through social change, Root of Generations seeks to protect vulnerable women while helping them sustain independent livelihoods. With funding from The Circle, the organisation will continue to work with women in South Sudan. 

Read more about how it all started. We spoke to Grace Dorong, the Founder of Root of the Generations about her story here.

“Feminism is not just a movement, but is a home for so many of us. This movement has created that opportunity to house and shelter some of us.''

Grace Dorong, Founder of Root of Generations

Grace Dorong, Founder of Root of Generations