Sikh Women's Aid

Empowering vulnerable women in the Sikh and South-Asian community in the UK to access tailored support.

This community-based women’s domestic abuse organisation in the UK, set up by women from the Sikh community, are tackling the negative impact of cultural influences that lead to the exploitation of women and girls in the South Asian community. They are a leading voice empowering victims from a Sikh and South-Asian background who have experienced domestic abuse, sexual abuse and violence. They also report on and gather data and statistics to ensure the female Sikh and south Asian experience in relation to VAWG has a platform.

Together we aim to reduce the extent of harm and violence to vulnerable people in the Sikh and South-Asian community through:

  • Crisis intervention and support.
  • Prevention via awareness, community workshops and training.
  • Mental health support and resilience building in women and children.
  • Informing policy at a local, regional and national level to bring about positive change for victims.
Sikh Women’s Aid have released the first ever report that looks to evidence and examine the prevalence and impact of domestic and sexual violence in the Sikh/Panjabi community.

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7 in 10 women from the South Asian community in the UK experienced abuse. Only a third  had disclosed it to family and friends.

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Donations go towards supporting victims of any form of violence or abuse by trained professionals who have culturally sensitive qualifications and experience.