For as little as £5 per month or an annual payment of £60 you can become a Circle Member; join our networks, make your voice heard, commit to global feminism, and meet fellow activists.

Now is the time to connect with women and allies from all walks of life. Our supporters are central to our work, our voice, our influence — you are the power behind everything we do. Circle supporters use their skills, creativity, voices and connections to raise awareness about inequality and raise funds to continue our vital work with women worldwide.

Join us to raise awareness of the challenges that women and girls face, raise funds, organise and attend events, create campaigns and lobby for change.

A smiling women of colour with large colourful earrings looks out from a Circle frame.

I would strongly encourage everyone to join The Circle

as you will meet a fantastic group of women who are committed to making a difference. They are genuinely supportive and have been immensely kind to me.

Livia de Paolis

Livia de Paolis

Young women with placards march at a rally to end violence against women


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I love being part of The Circle

The Circle has been an emotional support and I've met so many brilliant women through it.

Muna Khogali

Muna Khogali

Thank You!