The Circle is proud to work in partnership with the Nonceba Family Counselling Centre in Khayelitsha South Africa.

The Nonceba Family Counselling Centre is located in Khayelitsha, a township just outside Cape Town. Khayelitsha is the largest township in the Western Cape province and has a high level of overcrowding and poverty. For years, unemployment and crime rates have been high, particularly around violence against women and children with limited services available.

Nonceba provides a vital lifeline for women in crisis. It brings sanctuary and support to women fleeing the horror of abuse, violence, and homelessness. Women, often with young children, are given a safe place to live with access to counselling, new skills, and the unique support of female friendship. Nonceba gives women, and their children, a chance to escape violence and abuse, and the belief in a new beginning. We want to ensure that the women at Nonceba can remain as long as they need, so they leave completely confident and with the skills and ability to live an independent life.


Trigger warning: descriptions of violence and sexual abuse

The stories in She Came To Me are just some of the harrowing experiences told to Nozuko Conjwa, the manager of Nonceba Family Counselling Centre in Khayelitsha, a township just outside Cape Town. Her work is supported by your donations, and without your help, many women would be left to recover from the violence they face alone.

In South Africa 7 women are killed every day.

Watch this moving film by Annie Lennox about the power of Nonceba and one of the women it supports.

I am now surrounded by women who I love spending time with

They advise me and help me think about what to do with my life. They teach me how to plan. I feel safe for the first time after the abuse I experienced at the hands of the father of my children.

Shumiya, survivor of gender-based violence at Nonceba

Shumiya, survivor of gender-based violence at Nonceba


  • It costs just over £5 a day for one woman to stay at the shelter.
  • Many women need to stay for several months and a donation of £125 would allow a woman to stay for one month.
  • Please donate and help us make sure that the shelter can support many more women to have a place of sanctuary and start a new life feeling confident, resilient and empowered.