What We Do

We are on a mission to economically empower women and girls, and end the pandemic of violence they face by funding & supporting frontline grassroots organisations in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries. We advocate for long-term structural change, and use our collective voices and those with lived experience to strive for change. Global Feminism is our guiding light.

We Fund & Support

Only 1.6% of all philanthropic funds go to organisations focused on women and girls.

In partnership with grassroots projects in the most vulnerable parts of the world we bring vital funding and support to:

  • Women’s refuges and sanctuaries
  • Hotlines and domestic abuse services
  • Campaigns to raise awareness of women’s legal rights particularly the right to a living wage for garment workers
  • Legal aid and advice services
  • Training for women to raise awareness, advocate, and break the silence around gender-based violence


We Advocate & Amplify

In partnership with activists and brave women on a mission to create a fairer world for women everywhere we:

  • Focus on global advocacy to end poverty and violence,
  • Give women a platform to speak, tell their stories, and take action.
  • Raise awareness of the tools and resources available
  • Create ground-breaking reports and offer clear solutions
  • Use creative communications to raise awareness of the issues women and girls face



603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not considered a crime.

We Connect & Convene

We create spaces to convene and connect activists and allies globally. Events, conversations, and activism are at the very heart of the Circle.

  • We bring activists from around the world together
  • We connect global feminists to share their experience and stories.
  • We organise events to bring women and allies together to inspire each other
  • And through our discussions we inspire others to take action and raise funds for The Circle and grassroots projects
  • We create safe spaces at key moments to reflect and learn


Your donation, large or small, will help us provide life-changing support to women and girls in the world's most vulnerable countries. Your gift will bring sanctuary to survivors of violence with access to counselling, skills and support networks.