We Welcome Rahela Trust as New Partners!

We are so excited to announce our new partners Rahela Trust! 

The Rahela trust is a UK-based, Afghan-led charity striving to create positive and progressive change in Afghanistan. They provide leadership training and mentoring, and access to global professional networks to under privileged women and girls in rural Afghanistan. By growing a community of educated young women committed to improving the lives of women in Afghanistan, Rahela Trust envisages a society where women’s rights are respected. Where women are fully involved in the social, political, and economic aspects of life. At a time when Afghan Women aren’t involved in essential decision-making at meetings such as Doha. It has never been more important to create a community of strong and empowered women. 

 The Circle and Rahela Trust share the belief that when women are given confidence, opportunities and access to resources, incredible, positive, change can be achieved. The organisation aims to advance women’s education in Afghanistan and to create safe, inspiring spaces for Afghan women to pursue their education.