Standing with the women of Afghanistan

18 months ago, the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan changed overnight with the Taliban takeover, reversing 20 years of slow but important progress to increase the role of women in society.  

Under the rule of the Taliban, the lives of Afghan women and girls are once again unrecognisable from what they were: unable to work in their former jobs; unable to continue attending school or university; unable to enjoy their favourite public spaces; and facing brutal punishment if they breach any of the new laws imposed on their appearance or behaviour, let alone speak up and protest against these changes. Their world has gotten smaller and smaller. 

Here at The Circle, we stand with the women and girls of Afghanistan, and we are proud to have joined other organisations in the global Action 4 Afghanistan coalition, including Breaking Barriers, The US-Afghan Women’s Council, Mosaic Afghanistan, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan and Global Friends of Afghanistan.  

Our aim is to pressure governments around the world to demand better treatment and a more hopeful future for women and girls living in Afghanistan, and our immediate priority is to urge the leaders of those governments to host a Global Summit on Afghan Women and Girls, designed to focus attention on the horrendous loss of rights and freedoms suffered under the Taliban, and agree concrete steps in response. 

If you want to add your voice to all those around the world demanding a Global Summit, you can sign the petition organised by Action 4 Afghanistan here. 

2023 will be a crucial year for Afghan women and girls in their fight for the restoration of the rights, freedoms and daily lives that they all deserve to enjoy, and which were so cruelly ripped away 18 months ago. The Circle will stand by them our Afghan sisters in that fight, and we hope you will all do the same. 

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