Global Feminism Series

The Circle’s Global Feminism Series, a programme of events designed to amplify the voices of women around the world fighting tirelessly for gender equality, female empowerment, and an end to sexual violence, especially those on the front line of those battles.
women with a circle halo around her
women with a circle halo around her
women with a circle halo around her

We are an organisation rooted in global feminism and founded on a commitment to bring together women to support women: sharing stories, raising voices and pooling our power and influence to drive forward the rights of women everywhere. This year, those goals are more important than ever, and the launch of the Global Feminism Series epitomises our commitment to them.

Through the Global Feminism Series, The Circle promises to deliver an exciting programme of in-person and online events featuring a host of extraordinary women around the world fighting for gender equality and empowerment. The series will bring together world leaders, feminist activists, international stars and formidable women leading projects on the frontline.    

“The goal of global feminism is to reach out and join global struggles to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression”

Feminism Is for Everybody, bell hooks

It will provide a platform for those women to make their voices more loudly heard, and win others to their cause.

It will feature women from all walks of life around the world who are engaged every day in the struggle to end the violence, oppression and discrimination afflicting their mothers, sisters and daughters, and to build a better, more equal future for every woman and girl.

Raakhi Shah, The Circle CEO