What Can You Do To Support Garment Worker Justice?

As a global feminist organisation, we stand in solidarity with our fellow sisters and garment workers globally, to ensure economic justice, a fair living wage and safer working conditions.

April 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster. The collapse of the building in Dhaka, Bangladesh killed more than 1,000 garment workers, mainly women, and injured more than 2,000 individuals. Our thoughts go out to all affected by the disaster and those who continue to be oppressed and exploited by the violence and working conditions of the fashion industry.

A group of Bangladeshi Garment Workers in protest holding signs that say

Here are the small steps you can take to stand in solidarity with garment workers:

If you have 2 minutes:
  • Sign and share our petition to demand action and policy reform on wages in the garment industry. If you are a EU citizen you can also sign the Good Clothes Fair Pay Petition calling on the European Commission to legislate.
If you have 5 minutes:
  • Read and share “Reflecting on Rana Plaza. Will the Fashion Industry Ever Learn?” the blog by our Living Wage Project Manager Jacky Engel.
If you have 15 minutes:
  • Watch and share Fashionscapes: A Living Wage, a documentary produced by Livia Firth and Andrew that combines the voices of garment workers on the ground with top legal professionals who are working together to ensure garment workers receive a living wage.

Make a life-changing donation to support The Circle’s advocacy work in this area and to support grassroots organisations such as Sri Lanka Women’s Centre.

if we can enforce this legislation, we can reach 16 million workers across the world

this next step could help ease the cycle of poverty that garments workers are often trapped in

Kalpona Akter, Circle Ambassador snd Labour Rights Activist

Kalpona Akter, Circle Ambassador snd Labour Rights Activist