Watch: The Circle’s 15th Anniversary Impact Film

One in three women around the world face physical and sexual violence in their lifetime. As global feminists, we fight for equality across the world. With your support, we campaign for long term change and fund grassroots projects to enable the world’s most marginalised women and girls to transform their lives.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve supported over 1.4 million people directly on women’s rights in 31 countries but the need has never been greater or more urgent. Global feminism requires all of us to use our voices and skills, creativity and influence to change the world making it a better place for women and girls everywhere. The power of unity has a shape, and it’s The Circle.

We invite you to join and celebrate the collective power of women and allies to change the world. Become part of The Circle’s growing network of global feminists working to empower, support, advocate and convene.

There is so much at stake, and I believe that everyone can play a part in turning negative trends around.

Annie Lennox, Founder of The Circle

Annie Lennox, Founder of The Circle