Over the last 15 years, we have supported over 1.4mil people directly on women’s rights

READ OUR latest IMPACT REPORT FOR 2022 – 2023

We are thrilled to share our 22/23 Impact Report and difference you have made to the lives of women and girls around the world. Against a backdrop of increasing misogyny, conflict and rollback of basic rights from Afghanistan, Iran, Congo and many more, this year The Circle network of partners, activists and supporters have rallied together and risen to the challenge to support our sisters around the world.

As we reflect on The Circle’s upcoming 15-year anniversary, it has been important to take stock of our achievements to date and refresh our ambition for the future.


  • Through our frontline partners, you have helped support over 4,000 women and girls this past year.
  • We laid the foundations of future growth and impact by launching our new five-year strategy
  • Raised over £670,000 allowing us to invest in making more impact over the coming years
  • Reached over 20 million people through our communications work including international media coverage on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour,, and Times Radio
  • Under our priority thematic areas of Economic Justice and Ending Violence Against Women, your support helped provided marginalised and vulnerable women and communities with:
    • Safe spaces and refuges
    • Counselling and education
    • Awareness raising campaigns through radio
    • Domestic abuse support workers
    • Psychosocial and therapeutic support
    • Skills development to access employment
    • Mentoring
    • Support through the training of village advocates
    • Emergency Assistance
    • Training in the workplace
    • Workshops to understand their rights

The Circle provides so much more than just funding.

They are true partners and have provided invaluable contribution to our work supporting girls' education in Uganda. We are incredibly grateful.

Irise, Project Partner, Uganda

Your funding and support makes the world of difference.

We are very grateful to The Circle and your members who have given us so much support to run our services over the years. Your funding makes the world of difference to the women who need us in their time of crisis.

Nozuko, Centre Manager, Circle Project Partner Nonceba in South Africa

Nozuko, Centre Manager, Circle Project Partner Nonceba in South Africa



The World Health Organisation – one in three women face physical or sexual violence in their lifetime.


Calls to helplines have increased five-fold in some countries as rates of reported intimate partner violence increase because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Over 603 million women live in countries where domestic violence is not considered a crime. And it is thought that less than 40 per cent of women who experience violence seek help of any sort.


In the UK, one in five women have experienced some type of sexual assault.


In India, a woman reports a rape every 15 minutes yet 99 per cent of rape cases in the country go unreported.


In Bolivia, estimates suggest that six in every 10 women have suffered physical or sexual violence from an intimate partner. In Russia, studies suggest that at least every fifth woman has experienced physical violence at the hands of their husband.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a report in 2011, estimated that 1,152 women were raped every day – a rate equal to 48 per hour.

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As the Taliban took over in Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, devastating reports showed women being sent home from their jobs, forced to leave university and education at gunpoint. Overnight we set up an emergency appeal and members and supporters donated over £20,000 in just two weeks. In partnership with organisations such as Women for Afghan Women the funds and support helped many women flee the country, and helped provide safe houses for women under threat.

Current Campaigns


The Circle’s Global Feminism Series is a programme of events designed to amplify the voices of women around the world, fighting tirelessly for gender equality, female empowerment, and an end to sexual violence. Through the Global Feminism Series, The Circle delivers exciting programmes of in-person and online events featuring a host of extraordinary women around the world fighting for gender equality and empowerment.


Current Campaigns


Our fashion and purchasing decisions impact the lives of women and girls across the world. We stand in solidarity with the millions of women garment workers who deserve a living wage. Our ground-breaking proposal for new EU legislation will help to end poverty pay for garment workers globally, and protect their fundamental right to a living wage. This campaign is led by members of our Lawyers Circle Network and activists.

Current Campaigns