Something to Listen to: 

For the 10th anniversary of the Rana Plaza Disaster, we interviewed our partners Sri Lanka Women’s Centre about the collapse and garment worker justice in Sri Lanka. Listen to the 3 minute audio here.

Women on a march for garment justice. Most are carrying pink flags and holding signs. One women is holding an umbrella.
Something to Read: 

UN ready for ‘heartbreaking’ decision to pull out of Afghanistan. The Guardian. Officials say it will leave in May if the Taliban cannot be persuaded to let local women work for organisation.

Afghan women wait to receive food aid in Kabul. Two-thirds of Afghanistan’s population are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance. Photograph: EPA
Two women sat back to back in a dark room. They are both Black British and are wearing colourful party outfits. The one facing the camera is wearing a green sequined dress, with 80's makeup, but also a grey cardigan.
Something to Watch

“The Passion of Remembrance”Maureen Blackwood. An incredible exploration of the Black British experience in the 1980s through the lens of race, sexuality and gender. A jewel in the crown of Black Feminist Film Collective, Sankofa Film and Video. You can watch it here!

A screenshot of text that says Mapping the UK Women and Girls Sector and its Funding.
Something to Talk About: 

New Research Mapping the UK Women and Girls Sector and its Funding: New research details the perilous state of funding for women and girls organisations across the UK and globally.