Sonya Timms

Fundraising Lead

Sonya Timms

“No other organisation does what The Circle does and its impact, values and ambition to empower women and girls inspires me every day. With the continued rollback of women’s rights globally now is the moment for us all to embrace Global Feminism and stand together, united in solidarity and action, to achieve meaningful change and  gender equality. I am proud to be part of a team that believes that every day is women’s day.”

Sonya has 25 years’ experience in high value fundraising and charity leadership, securing strategic partnerships with corporates, 6 and 7 figure gifts from philanthropists, family foundations and trusts and organising high profile special events at small NGOS and large charities. She was Director at Magic Bus UK, set up the philanthropy function at Comic Relief and led on Special Events & Leadership Support at NSPCC. She is also a trustee and Chair at Acts of Hope, an organisation that provides quality education for marginalised children in Bangalore, and is a qualified Transformational Coach.

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