Raakhi Shah


Raakhi Shah

“Every country, every village, every community I have visited, it is resilient, passionate, inspirational women and girls that are striving to make change. The notion of a circle, of standing shoulder-to-shoulder and building connections to make change is incredibly special and makes The Circle a unique organisation. Now is the time everyone should be fighting for equality, justice and safety. We should all be Global Feminists.”

Raakhi has over 17 years’ experience in international development having worked at Unicef UK and Oxfam covering fundraising, communications, advocacy and campaign initiatives. She has worked with high-level supporters to lobby for change at the G8, G20, Downing Street and African Union, and has led over 30 field visits including to Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Philippines, Pakistan, India, Malawi and more, bringing the voices of those with lived experience to the forefront. She is also a trustee for Reclaim, a youth leadership and social change organisation in the UK.

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