Global Feminism in Solidarity and Action

We are a global feminist organisation, founded by Annie Lennox and other leading women, supporting women and girls confronting gender-based violence and economic inequality across the world.

Over 300 million women and girls are living in extreme poverty and 1 in 3 women face violence in their lifetime. Together, we can help create a safer and fairer world for the most marginalised and vulnerable women and girls globally.



Millions of women across the world live in poverty and fear of violence and abuse. We work with grassroots organisations globally to support the most vulnerable women and girls confronting gender-based violence and economic inequality, through funding, advocacy and connection.



We support women-led grassroots organisations across the world working on the frontlines in their communities. From South Sudan and Rwanda to Sri Lanka and DRC, we and our partners have a shared mission to push for economic empowerment and to end violence for women & girls globally.



Since 2008, The Circle has brought together global feminists to use their resources, networks and creativity to cultivate long lasting change in the fight against gender-based violence. Together with our partners, we work towards a future where there is equality and safety for the most vulnerable women and girls.


Our Impact

Over the past 15 years, we’ve supported over 1.4 million people directly in 31 countries but the need has never been greater or more urgent. Global feminism requires all of us to use our voices and skills, creativity and influence to change the world making it a better place for the most marginalised women and girls globally. The power of unity has a shape, and it’s The Circle.

We invite you to join and celebrate the collective power of women and allies to change the world. Become part of The Circle’s growing network of global feminists working to empower, support, advocate and convene.

Hear it from Grace in South Sudan


frontline organisations we are currently supporting with funding, allyship and connectivity


women and girls facing violence and discrimination globally have been supported by the projects we fund


people have been supported directly across 31 countries over the past 15 years
The singer Annie Lennox, founder of The Circle looks directly out of the frame with a slight smile.

a message from our founder,

singer, songwriter & activist

The Circle sprang from the notion that when women support, connect and inspire each other to become advocates and change agents, we can create transformative change. This notion drives our work today and sets our ambitions for a fairer world for women and girls in the future.

As a woman, a mother, an activist, and founder of The Circle, I know that we still have much to do to empower women and end the violence that so many face. At a time when so much polarity and division exist, our vision for ‘global feminism’ offers people from every walk of life, background, gender, or sexual orientation a chance to break down division and join the global community. It ensures we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of human rights, justice and equality for women and girls everywhere and especially in some of the world’s most vulnerable countries.

Our work is ever more important. The World Health Organization estimates that one in three women around the world will face physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. It is endemic. It is close. It is a living reality for millions of women.

I am committed to The Circle creating long-lasting change and contributing to the global movement for women’s equal rights to economic empowerment and freedom from violence. My hope for women and girls everywhere is that we create a better future in a world free from violence and poverty. We can all make a difference and I call on you to join us in the fight for a better world. Your voice, skills, and resources can all make a powerful difference. Join us on the journey!

– Annie Lennox, Founder of The Circle