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To ensure we have the biggest impact, we look at all the angles when it comes to tackling inequality. We support a broad range of projects that help women to become independent and confident – able to stand up for their rights, and influence change.
We know that collaboration is vital in bringing about long-term change. So we work with experienced partners to support women living in some of the poorest regions of the world.

Planting hope Sri Lanka

Women rice growers in Sri Lanka are back home and ready to roll their sleeves up. Against the odds they’re planting rice fields, building a business, and planning a future they thought they’d never see.

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Leading Lights in Myanmar

Women in Myanmar know the upcoming election could be a real game changer – an opportunity to step out from the shadows and shine. Their time is now, and they are seizing the day with both hands.

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Brave New World

Violence against women is the most common form of human rights violation in India. It is such a deeply engrained, socially accepted ‘right’ for men to beat their wives, that women are trapped in a life of violence.

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Marie Colvin Journalists' Network

A new network for female journalists working in the Middle East and North Africa brings together experienced journalists with courageous reporters, often working with little or no support, to create a vibrant online community.

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A Living Wage

In some countries 90% of the labour workforce in the 'fast' fashion industry are young women. Many of those women have little rights and do not earn a living wage. The Lawyers Circle is setting out to bring about change.

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Maternal Health Rights

The Lawyer's Circle has made a commitment to our partner the UN Every Woman Every Child Campaign to assist the Tanzanian government in the progress towards government and institutional legal accountability for maternal health rights in Tanzania.

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The Pink Rickshaw Initiative

Many women in Pakistan do not work and are tied to the men in their family. The Pink Rickshaw Initiative trains women to become rickshaw drivers and allows them to become economically independent and able to send their children to school.

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Pikin to Pikin Tok

Child to Child and their local partner Pikin to Pikin train children in Sierra Leone to become "young journalists" and create radio programmes which address the issues that boys and girls face, some of which have got worse since the Ebola epidemic.

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Stopping Child Trafficking in Nepal

Supporting Unicef's project to protect children in Nepal from human trafficking through research and action.

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Educate Girls Project in India

Since 2007 Educate Girls has been working in rural areas in India to get girls into school and to improve the quality of education.

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